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Superior Debtor Management

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Advanced Technology + Superior Debtor Management = High Yields!

Welcome to MLR Solutions, a full service collection agency that applies a unique combination of advanced telephony and computer technology coupled with empathetic debtor touch point management.  The result?  Increased revenue while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our Qualifications

With over 40 years experience servicing more than 1000 clients in the accounts receivable management and collection business, MLR brings a wealth of strategic insights coupled with extensive practical knowledge to your unique situation.


Our Standard of Excellence

Every account receives the appropriate telephone interaction and letter campaigns. Proven workflows are set to ensure every account assigned to MLR Solutions receives the attention needed through dedicated portfolio penetration regardless of balance.

Our Cornerstones

  • Earn and build trust
  • Demonstrate business and professional integrity
  • Be nimble and responsive
  • Adhere to meticulous record-keeping documentation
  • Always be on the leading edge of technology without forgetting the necessary human touch
  • Follow-through and strive to under-promise and over-deliver in everything we do

Our Commitment

We strive to consistently exceed our client’s expectations, and you’ll find a commitment to building trust, maintaining integrity, demonstrating flexibility, and documenting results that are second to none in the industry.

Our business philosophy is simple:  We succeed only when you succeed, and we strive to build long-term client relationships by not only recovering maximum payments on all accounts placed as rapidly as possible, but by also maintaining your reputation in the community.