a commitment to OUR COMMERCIal customers TO HELP KEEP

Businesses that owe money make decisions every day about which bills to pay, and which to defer or ignore. Our approach --- a combination of advanced technology and sophisticated, highly tailored customer-handling approaches --- is to work with them to find ways to persuade them to pay your bills in a timely manner.
We believe that it is especially critical with business-to-business accounts that we earn trust and respect, and that professional integrity is not only the best collection business strategy, it also protects you against litigation, and maintains your reputation as an ethical, valued partner.

MLR provides the best of both worlds: The sophistication and advanced technology you traditionally could get only from a large collection agency coupled with the nimbleness, responsiveness, customization --- and economy --- of a small agency.

Qualifications & Services

Our fundamental approach is to exploit the “third party psychology” --- where a debtor clearly understands that once we become involved, we are serious only about motivating them to bring their account out of arrears, and are immune from delaying tactics, personal appeals and references to past relationships   And that we will do whatever is necessary to pursuade them to pay your bill.

The Tools We Use - How We Prepare

  • Review of the specific language in the credit application

  • Assessment of personal guarantees that may apply

  • Asset and liability searches

  • Skip tracing

  • Support of and partnering with in-house collection resources

  • Rigorous goals and objectives setting for each account

  • Legal referrals

  • Establishing an aggressive schedule of contacts to keep your bill top of mind

Work Standards

Every account receives the appropriate telephone interaction and letter campaigns. Proven workflows are set to ensure each account, assigned to one of our highly skilled, commercial business specialists receives the attention needed through dedicated portfolio penetration regardless of balance.

Client Benefits MLR Solutions applies proven recovery programs and up to date advanced technology to facilitate the maximum return in the quickest possible time frame. With MLR Solutions what you’ll find is more diligent follow up, faster implementation and dedicated client services. Our extensive experience working with every aspect of the commerical business marketplace combined with our small company commitment to excellence and integrity is what sets us apart from our competition. Other client benefits are listed below:

  • Virtual Agent (Bi-Lingual)
  • Red Flag and HIPAA Compliance
  • Up to date FDCPA collector training
  • FDCPA Compliant Collection Letters
  • Flexible data transfer
  • Online skip tracing
  • Accepting payments through Credit Cards, ACH and on-line
  • Complete Reporting of all transactions
  • Credit Reporting